November 16, 2015

7 Places I Want to Travel Before 25

To travel is such a rewarding, educational, mind-blowing, heart-warming, exhilarating, encouraging experience. It is also one of my favourite things to do. It's the commotion and frenzy of the people in the airport rushing to get to their gate and letting out that huge sigh of relief when they do, the children on the plane screaming "I see it!!! We're there! Mommy mommy mommy!!", the eager bodies rushing to get off the plane as quickly as possible to get to their final destination after a long, exhausting, lively day. It's all very exciting, and to stand back and watch it all happen, to take it all in step by step is fascinating. It's what makes the entire experience, the "experience".

I won't lie, this list was INCREDIBLY hard to make. Not because I have no idea where I want to go (let's be real, I'd go everywhere in the world if I could), but because I'm a broke student. And I'll still be a broke student until long after 25. So, I had to think about where I REAAAAALLLLLLY want to go, and what will be budget friendly in the next couple of years.

Ultimately, I declare the following destinations the top seven places I would like to travel to/experience before I turn 25. The list counts down from least important (7) to most important (1).

But first...

7. British Columbia, Canada 

6. New York City, New York

"The city so nice they named it twice!" I've been, but it's still on my list. It was THAT awesome. Really, it was. You should go.

Times Square, New York City, NY (April 2014)

5. Disney World, Florida

I've never been. Why? I don't know. Probably because my parents decided to deprive me of a childhood? Yeah, probably. I deem 25+ years too old to visit without kids of my own (ha, ha ha hahaha) so I might as well go before then. I CAN STILL BE A KID IN MY TWENTIES, OKAY!?

4. New Orleans, Louisiana

It looks like a lot of fun to drink some beer on Bourbon Street.

3. Milan, Italy

As a person who thinks very highly of fashion, I deemed this the third most important/influential/entertaining place that I visit while I still have an outstaaaaanding sense of fashion (I do, really). I figure that my intense and eccentric wardrobe filled with many florals, some (a lot) of flannels, a haunting aura of browns, taupes, and beiges, scarves of all sizes, patterns, fabrics, and colours, and dresses and dresses and dresses galore (LIONS AND TIGERS AND BEARS OH MY!!! is conclusively how I feel when trying to sort through them all) will be put to shame after visiting this city; maybe it'll encourage me to treat myself to one or two pieces of "award-winning, highly fashionable, model-status" clothing.
Plus it's Italy and who wouldn't want to go to Italy and eat all of the pasta and drink all of the wine and admire all of the sports cars?

2. Argentina

And for the grand finale you've all been waiting for...

1. India

This became the top destination on my list after a conversation I had with a woman I encountered on a recent flight.
The atmosphere was quiet, everyone comfortable in their seats and enjoying the relief of being above the ground and the hospitable service provided. I glanced to my right to see the lady sitting next to me writing passionately in her journal, eager to continue her train of thought on the next page... and the next... and the next...
Before long, she stopped and put her pen down, took a deep breath and a heavy sigh, turned her head towards me and prompted me with a question I will never forget: "Darling, have you ever had the opportunity to experience the exotic, myth-busting, riveting, artistic country of India?". The way the words flowed out of her mouth with such enthusiasm was astonishing. After quickly and confidently telling her I have never been, she began to tell her story.
After what seemed like a mere twenty minutes but was nearly two hours, a tissue in hand and a smile across both of our faces, I hugged the lady sitting next to me and assured her that one day I would be visiting the culturally dynamic country of India.
Please, let your imagination run wild and create this story in your head. I don't have the memory, or the time to re-tell her story, nor is it mine to tell, but I can only hope that one day someone will have the power to make you feel the way I did after hearing her story.

Street scene, Calcutta, India, 1996 (Steve McCurry India Photography-3 – Fubiz Media)

I highly encourage everyone to take the time to come up with a bucket list of destinations you hope to adventure to one day in the near (or far) future. Don't let the thought of money, your fear of planes, your six children if you have them (and God BLESS you if you do), your job, your partner, your ANYTHING, keep you from making this list and perhaps one day making it to your most dreamed about, picture-perfect get away.

Bon voyage!

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